Bravery and Greed

Courage and Greed



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Choose from four classic fantasy classes, engage in a robust combat system, and play a variety of cooperative and competitive game modes with friends via local, online, or both. Get rich, or die trying!

Very Powerful Combat System
Whether you play as the mighty Amazon, the valiant Warrior, the nimble Rogue, or the eccentric Wizard (with his trusty elemental summons), every class has its own set of powerful combo moves. Parry, dodge, juggle, then unleash devastating special moves to win against stronger enemies, bosses, and even your friends.

Customizable Character Options
Along with class choices, you have to make decisions on the spot that change your character's skills. A skill tree that focuses on aspects of Chaos, Order, Darkness and Life will give you special skill boosts and abilities, while the myriad of gear drops ensure that every run feels unique with lots of choices.

Variety of PvE & PvP
Explore a variety of thrilling environments in Adventure Mode as you tackle biomes and bosses on a quest for runes to the Sky Fortress. Team up with friends and battle wave after wave of enemies in challenging Horde Mode or settle grudges with arena-based or free-for-all team PvP.

Greed is Eternal
In Bravery and Greed, you can permanently unlock awesome content and game-changing augmentations by leveling up with gold. Grab coins and loot crates greedily, steal bags of gold while reviving allies, or be the first to run and grab loot after epic encounters, get rich or die trying!

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