Butterflys Poison Blood Chains

Butterfly Poison
Blood Chain


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Tokyo. The year is 1918, the dark age for the world.
In this story of love and hate, five youths chase after the daughter of an aristocratic family on the verge of collapse.
“Butterfly Poison; Blood Chains” (Chou no Doku), the beloved visual novel that conquered the hearts of many with its mature love story, is now available in English and Japanese on the Nintendo Switch™ system!

Includes original scene for the home console version!
The home console version includes new episodes and show illustrations.

Available in two languages!
Subtitles can be set to English or Japanese. This includes in-game text, options, and digital manuals. Language settings can be changed at any time.
– Voice will be in Japanese.
– Subtitles in the opening film and credits will be shown in Japanese.

Play using only the touch screen! Play with one hand!
Play in handheld mode with the Nintendo Switch™ Joy-Con™ controller plugged in, or detach and play with just touch controls! When in desk mode or TV mode, everything can be controlled using just the Joy-Con™ (R), letting you play with just one hand!
Also available for Nintendo Switch™ Lite. (A separate Joy-Con™ (R) is required for single-handed play.)

The gameplay in this visual novel involves reading the story while making choices at certain key points. Different decisions can lead to different outcomes, story branches and endings.

Tokyo, 1918.
Yuriko Nomiya, born and raised comfortably in an aristocratic family, is suddenly beset by a series of misfortunes.
Was this destiny brought about by the Taisho era, or was someone plotting against it?
The dark and bitter story of Yuriko and five handsome boys will unfold...

Junichi Shiba VA: Chasuke
Mizuhito Nomiya VA: Tatsuya Hirai
Hitoshi Fujita VA: Sandayu Chianoze
Hideo Ozaki VA: Kiya Suga
Yoshiki Majima VA: Keizo Oishi
Kyoko Amami VA: Nekomiai
* Fully voiced (excluding main characters)

*English display only available in Version 2.0.0 and above.
*”蝶の毒 華の鎖~大正艶恋異聞~” and “Butterfly Poison; Blood Chains” is the same game.

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