ELO 1100 Chess

Chess ELO 1100


Obtain model – NSP

Recreation: Google - Mega - Megaup - 1fichier - Send

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Play from newbie stage to prime stage ELO 1100 (excellent stage, when you beat your machine right here respect!) on this top quality Chess Recreation Engine.

Full chess sport logic is offered together with fortress transfer, en-passant transfer, pawn promotion (to knight/bishop/rook/queen), pawn transfer guidelines, undo transfer, redo transfer, detect whether or not the chess sport is checkmate or tie with fifty strikes, triple repetition, inadequate materials, impasse and may be prolonged by draw settlement, time restrict and submission.

Calculate the change in place rating after every transfer, as proven on the black and white bar situated on the proper aspect of the GUI, permitting you to visualise the main colour on the board and the way far you're in opposition to your opponent within the board place

When you solely want one Chess Recreation, that is for you

from switchroms.org.

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ELO 1100 Chess's publish first appeared on Nintendo Recreation Downloads.

Style: NSP, Swap

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