FROGUE Switch NSP (eShop)

Release Date: Jun 27, 2024
Category: Action, Puzzle
Publisher: QUByte Interactive
Type: eShop
Format: NSP
Title ID: 0100C6001EFDE000
Title Size: 137 MB
Language: En, Pt, Es, De, Ru, Ko, Zh
Required Firmware: 18.0.0
CFW: 18.0.0 + Atmosphere 1.7.0

FROGUE NSP Embark in a procedurally generated journey in FROGUE, a Roguelike Bullet Hell Platformer.

Description: Frogue is a stylish turn-based action platformer with bits of roguelite, bullet hell and time manipulation. Dash through your enemies, freeze time and throw your sword to solve every situation in YOUR way.

Base Game NSP (137 MB)

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