From Heaven To Earth

From Heaven To Earth


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Game: Megaup - 1fichier - Send

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In this game, you follow a bored immortal in heaven and try to return to the world of the living.
The creature seeks adventure and even risks eternal life to feel the effects of time and the transience of life once again.
In order to return to earth, he must pass through a path of trials… a path full of traps, difficult jumps, and hidden secrets.

The game is a unique combination of a first-person platformer and a light-hearted exploration game with an almost philosophical storytelling.
It is very stylish and surprising with stunning environments, a surreal world full of beauty and elegance, and several small environmental puzzles that blend perfectly into a peaceful yet stunning setting.

Can you make it back to earth?
Find out.

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Genre: NSP, Switch

Tags: 1Fichier, Action, Adventure, eShop, Multi, Nintendo, Platform

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