Red Colony 3

Red Colony 3


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Here comes, the final chapter in the series that has taken you across the solar system and pitted you against zombies, dinosaurs and now even ROBOTS!

In Red Colony 3, you play as Mina, an android, who returns to her home planet Titan with precious dinosaur DNA, which her Queen wants.

Mina is looking forward to her long-awaited gift, 'Turn around'. Finally after years of service, she will gain her own free will and be able to live the life she wants – and finally learn what it means to love.

However, his dreams are cut short when the stowaway on his ship causes a rebellion on Titan, which Mina blames. Not only that – dinosaurs weren't the only thing Mina brought from Mars. . .

Help Mina fight zombies, dinosaurs and mutagenic monsters in the classic Red Colony, your chair style. Explore the neighborhood for clues to unlock tricky puzzles and follow a story that meanders through its climatic end in Red Colony 3.


- Fantastic anime character design.
– A twisted, terrible and unfair story.
– Ancient bloody, bloody horror!
– 2DTCT (2D Torn-Clothing-Technology).
– Graphic Novel style narrative with classic Survival Horror gameplay.
- Some clothes for Mina.

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Genre: NSP, Switch

Tags: 1Fichier, 2D, Action, eShop, Horror, Multi, Nintendo, Survival horror

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