Shutter Nyan Enhanced Edition

Shut up Nyan!
Enhanced Edition


DEMO Version – NSP

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One autumn day, a cat saw its friend sad
and went to try to cheer him up.

Just then, a strong gust of wind swept over the cat,
and his friend's camera with him, somewhere far away.

The cat fell into an unknown place.
However, our cat protagonist is determined
to find the camera and return,
all to bring a smile back to the girl's face.

≪ Copy and paste items with your camera! ≫
Take pictures with mysterious powers
your friend's camera has,
and paste wherever you want.
Explore unknown places, and use your imagination
to overcome various obstacles
and the difficulties you will face.

≪ Repair your damaged memory ≫
Surprise fell into this mysterious world
destroy precious memories stored in the camera.
Collect the memories scattered throughout each stage,
recover photos, and return them to your friends.

≪ Unlock all kinds of charming costumes ≫
Unlock various costumes as you explore the stages
by collecting items, such as a collection of posters.
All kinds of costumes are waiting for you,
of our main character's favorite fish
to Santa with his big bag of gifts.

≪ Your playing style determines the ending of your adventure ≫
Our cat protagonist wants to return to his world
and bring happiness back to his best friend.
This cat story will reach a different ending
depending on how to play.
Will the cat be able to reunite with his friend a
and bring back all those good memories?

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Genres: NSP, Switch

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