Slave Zero X Switch XCI + DLC

Title: Slave Zero X
Release Date: Apr 11, 2024
Category: Action, Arcade
Publisher: Ziggurat
Type: Physical
Format: XCI
Title ID: 0100EE101AD66000
Title Size: 3.66 GB
Language: En, Ja, Es, Pt, Fr, De, Ru, Ko, Zh, Tw
Required Firmware: 17.0.1
CFW: 17.0.1 + Atmosphere 1.6.2


Description: From the top of Megacity S1-9, the Sovereign Khan rules with fists of iron and flesh. Beneath the city’s rotting foundations, a vengeful warrior embarks on a journey to murder him. 5 years prior to the events of Slave Zero, Slave Zero X brings new life to a world where horrific, living machines known as Slaves are primed to become the latest tools of war in humanity’s long and bloody history.


Download Links:

Base Game XCI (3.66 GB)


DLC Pack (2 DLCs)



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